This article is written by African Youth Empowerment for the July 2018 Edition of the SDG Bulletin South Africa. The SDG Bulletin South Africa is a collaborative product of the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, the United Nations in South Africa and the South African SDG Hub.


As the world goes into a new age of technology, where everything is automated and communication is digital, Africa is poised to finally be able to create its own voice in the world and share its opinion, culture and value to the world. Africa has the youngest generation with an average age of 19 years and is becoming one of the innovative hubs for technology and pan Africanism. New inventions that address the African needs and issues are emerging and Africa is connecting through the strong use of social media. Our continent has found a way to communicate with each other, with strong social media platforms like 263Chat, Click media and Nine80media pioneering a new digital marketing dominance in Southern Africa that is challenging the traditional media giants that have ruled through the TV. Facebook and Twitter are not only being seen as entertainment hubs for African youth but educational facilities and empowering platforms. Universities in Africa are adapting as well with UNISA leading the way in innovative learning across the continent while Monash South Africa is embracing the fourth industrial revolution in digitising its education while Africanising its curriculum. The new age of technology will help Africa achieve its goals of reducing poverty, improving health and democracy within Africa and empower the youth. Empowering the youth will define the generations of the future and with a wide variety of African youth-centred platforms on the rise, like My voice and innovative youth empowering platforms like African Youth Empowerment emerging, the future of Africa and the possibility of this continent achieving the sustainable development goals will always be one click away.