** This story originally appeared on the IISD’s SDG Knowledge Hub.

June 2017: The South African Sustainable Development Knowledge Hub (SA SD KH) has recently unveiled an expanded and improved website.

In collaboration with the South African Government’s Department of Science and Technology, the SA SD KH has added its first cohort of African sustainable development innovations. The additions provide development actors with access to African innovations, tagged in terms of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Ten innovations have been added, and more will be included in the coming months.

The first cohort of innovations includes a number of innovations that respond to SDG 6 (clean water and sanitation). Many of these innovations are the result of the Water Technologies Demonstration Programme, a South African multi-stakeholder innovation initiative. These innovations include African reverse osmosis technologies, efficient and cost-effective toilets, and domestic water management technologies.

Subsequent cohorts of sustainable development innovations will be added towards the end of the year, and will focus on additional SDGs. Current innovations on the SA SD KH tackle infant mortality (SDG 3) and respond to the need to monitor and co-ordinate climate change mitigation strategies (SDG 13). Additional updates to the SA SD KH include an enhanced search function.

The SA SD KH was launched with a view to linking development partners with relevant and potentially transformative African evidence. It currently contains more than 600 full-text peer-reviewed articles on the 17 SDGs. The SA SD KH was recently admitted as a Sustainable Development Solutions Network African member.