Lorren Haywood and Nikki Funke from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) recently released a report on key actors, roles, relationships and gaps related to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals in South Africa. In the report, they use SDG 17 and its emphasis on the need for partnerships and collaborative relationships to enable the realisation of the SDGs as point of reference.

It is not the sole responsibility of government to implement the ambitious goals but rather that of all actors in society. By investigating the SDG landscape in South Africa they were able to identify the five core clusters of actors and their functions in terms of their roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the SDGs. These are discussed further in the briefing note, which can be found below. The research specifically highlights the need for partnerships to go beyond the traditional public-private partnerships and rather be inclusive accountable, and people- and planet-centred. Such an integrated partnership approach implies reducing the barriers created by institutional silos and strengthening sectoral and subnational coordination across implementing entities. The CSIR conducts research to develop an understanding of the systematic challenges and opportunities that characterise each of these goals. The findings of this research have the potential to enable the respective actors to define innovative means to address the particular development objectives which they are most closely linked to.

Click here for access to the report.