Funding opportunity: SA-Japan SDG research


Based on the needs of developing countries, the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) cooperate to promote international joint research targeting global issues with an objective of future utilization of research outcomes. Implemented through collaboration with Official Development Assistance (ODA), the aim of the Programme is to acquire new knowledge and technology that lead to the resolution of global issues and advance science, technology and innovation. It also aims to enhance the research and development capabilities of developing countries, and helps create sustainable research systems able to address and resolve development issues.

The Programme involves participation by the South African Department of Science and Technology (DST) insofar as it concerns the pre-selection and submission of project proposals to the Japanese funding agencies, in which regard the DST is pleased herewith to invite South African submissions by the closing date indicated below.



The total funding from this grant will not cover any salaries, bursaries or scholarship for the South African side. The funding can cover travels to and from Japan, workshops and/or conferences; equipment and machinery for the projects.

Interested researchers are requested to note the following:

  • Only project proposals submitted in both countries will be considered for funding, thus necessitating prior coordination between the Japanese and South African applicants.
  • Japanese applications should be submitted online at
  • South African applications should be submitted directly to the DST (contact details can be found below).

Only project proposals for research in the following themes and sub-themes will be considered for funding:

  • Environment/Energy
  • Bioresources
  • Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  • Infectious Diseases Control. Since 2016, projects in the Infectious Diseases Control field are handled by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). Please visit the AMED website for details regarding the invitation for research proposals in this field.

Proposals submitted in South Africa will be subject to endorsement at government level, and subsequent recommendations for funding made to the Japanese authorities. However, the final decision concerning funding will be made exclusively by the Japanese authorities, and funding will only be accorded by the Japanese on a unilateral basis according to their own procedures and criteria.

The closing date for South African applications is Tuesday, 16 October 2018.


More information

More information, including the official Application Form, can be requested from:

Ms Gcino Mlaba, Email: 012-843 6391, Department of Science and Technology Building 53 CSIR Campus, Meiring Naude Road, Brummeria PRETORIA, 0001

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